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Forging Integrity


Independent Manufacturer of Aluminum Parts for Leading OEMs

using Semi-Solid Metal (SSM) processing technology

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Vforge, Inc.

Today Vforge serves the aerospace, medical, transportation, recreation and industrial markets of North America, Asia and Europe by supplying unique parts from 5 g to 5 lbs, from 150 to 150,000 pieces per year.

World-class OEMs have sourced with Vforge since 1999 to lower total manufacturing cost by rethinking traditional forgings, extrusions, or machined parts, or by replacing castings prone to porosity/failure.

We start with premium grade ingot. Each material heat is alloyed, filtered, degassed, electromagnetically stirred and continuously cast into bar to achieve the equiaxed grain structure that enables viscous-forging.

Billets are pre-heated to induce a thixotropic condition, then injected turbulence-free into heated steel dies and held at high consolidation pressure to produce dense, complex, heat-treatable parts.

Vforge parts deliver:

  • Near-net shape cost advantages

  • Fine, cosmetic surface quality

  • Peak mechanical properties

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