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Aluminum Thixocasting


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Peak Mechanicals

High Integrity

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Near-Net Shape

Save Weight & Cost


Cosmetic Quality



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Thixocasting Tool Design

Tool Design & Build

  • Onsite tool shop, EDM, CNC

  • SolidWorks CAD Modeling

  • 1 to 8 cavities designs common

  • 9 out of 10 tools built in-house

  • Quick turns compress the build cycle

  • 12 weeks typical, 8 weeks w/expedite

Thixocasting Equipment

Process Manufacturing

  • Continuous thixotropic bar casting

  • Semi-solid metal thixocasting

  • Heat-treatment T5 and T6

  • CNC 3- & 4-axis machining

  • Cosmetic surface finishing

  • Stainless steel and glass bead blasting

  • Vibratory tumbling

  • Manual & DCC CMM inspection


Finishes & Coatings

  • Powder coating

  • Electroless nickel & chrome plating

  • Anodizing

  • Chromate / Chem film

  • E-coat

  • Liquid paint

  • Local & regional supply base




Vforge, Inc. supplies world-class OEMs in the aerospace, medical, transportation, recreation and industrial markets of North America, Asia and Europe. We manufacture unique aluminum parts from 5 g to 5 lbs. and at quantities from 150 to 250,000 pieces per year.​ Our clients source for lower total manufacturing cost by rethinking traditional forgings, extrusions and machined parts to benefit from our near-net, fully dense process, or by replacing castings prone to costly porosity, field failure or dimensional instability.

We start with premium grade aluminum ingot. Material heats are alloyed, filtered, degassed, electromagnetically stirred and continuously cast as cylindrical bar to produce and control the equiaxed grain structure that enables our high-integrity, semi-solid metal (SSM) thixocasting process. ​Billets are cut, preheated to induce thixotropy, then injected, turbulence-free, into isothermal dies. Material solidification occurs under high consolidation pressure to yield fully dense, near-net shape, heat-treatable parts with peak mechanical properties that conform to NADCA precision tolerance standards.

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Thixocasting Billet Knife Slice


CT x-ray scans reveal the high integrity of the semi-solid metal thixocasting process.

This industrial valve must be fully dense to pass high pressure testing after machining.

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